Developing a Framework to Improve and Enhance IT Services at One Malaysian Private University


  • Rasha Adnan Khther University Tenaga Nasional
  • Marini Othman College of Information Technology, Universiti Tenaga Nasional


IT governance is a great mechanism to use information and processes which in turn leads to greater profits and present future benefits. Research has shown that businesses with good IT governance have better information quality, generate higher profits and lead to more satisfied users of IT applications. Good IT governance is about providing processes and decision-making structures for the business. It also describes how well IT activities are implemented, how effectively the resources are being used and how the effectiveness of the implementation of the activities is measured. The purpose of this study is to address the current situation of IT services in one of the Malaysian private universities. The main concern of this study is to provide useful guidelines to the university to improve the performance of its IT service, to comply with regulatory demands, and to maintain acceptable IT service quality. A mixed method of qualitative and quantitative approaches are used to gain a better understanding of this study. The data collection methods used in this study are self-administered questionnaire and interviews. The study concludes that the absence of both effective IT governance frameworks and an implementation structure increases financial and operational risks. Therefore, effort must be made to have a proper and acceptable IT governance framework to provide guidelines for IT service management to enhance and improve the performance of IT service in the university.

Author Biography

Rasha Adnan Khther, University Tenaga Nasional