Smart Grid – Implementation, Challenges, and Strategies related to Energy Efficiency and Informatics


  • Abbas Al Ghaili
  • Hairoladenan Kasim
  • Ridha Omar



Smart grid (SG) has contributed much to enhance energy efficiency as well as the energy sector utilizing energy informatics (EI). There have been many smart tasks and services implemented to perform energy related operations. Energy-optimized solutions for smart buildings, demand response, and energy-use prediction are some examples that efficiently exploited SG conception. In this line, EI has been exploited to enhance the performance of such energy related operations. However, there are lots of challenges so as a result, performances can be then affected. There is a need to discover several challenges and propose related solutions to overcome most of them. Therefore, in order to implement effective strategies that help enhance performances of SG, this paper aims to introduce a number of challenges faced while implementation of SG and proposing key strategies that overcome barriers. In this paper, a case study of Malaysia is provided and discussed in terms of implementation of SG and key strategies proposed.